Solutions are our specialty.

At Danly Consulting, we know what is important to you: increased operational efficiency, decreased costs and enhanced throughput.

We understand that delivering high quality products while maintaining low costs is critical for today’s manufacturers. We leverage our broad knowledge base and expert insight to optimize your processes and achieve production benchmarks.

We integrate systems to eliminate waste and apply Lean concepts to reduce lead times. Our comprehensive approach reengineers your company’s business processes from beginning to end—delivering exceptional results.

Manufacturing Solutions

Our manufacturing solutions are geared around Lean initiatives. We develop current state and future state process mapping to deliver an implementation action plan. Then we help you execute the action plan, training employees and following up on open issues and post-implementation audits.

  • Lean implementation
  • Turnaround work
  • Productivity and profit optimization
  • Production scheduling and inventory control solutions
  • Capacity planning
  • Process improvement
  • Costing systems

ERP Project Management

We have a strong background in enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects. In collaboration with you, we select and implement a fully integrated system that provides you with the tools and data to better run your business. We oversee every aspect of your project, including process mapping, employee interviews, project management and training. Our project plan includes reengineering business processes and recommending improved processes.

  • ERP selection
  • ERP implementation
  • ERP system audits

We deliver exceptional results through our detailed, hands-on approach:

Define & analyze problem areas

Perform current state & future state process mapping

Recommend & implement improvements

Follow up to assure successful project completion